We are proud to offer six different ensembles to students at Cherokee Trail. Students have the opportunity to perform in a variety of different venues with a myriad of diverse, exciting music. Learn more about each of the ensembles below and find student links to the choir Schoology pages.


Our premier jazz ensemble at Cherokee Trail that offers 16 auditioned students the opportunity to learn about and perform in the world of vocal jazz.

Bella Voce

An intermediate level treble group that allows students the opportunity to grow their skills as choral musicians.


The advanced treble ensemble that highlights our musicians through in and out of school performances. Compromised of 35 treble singers, Cantare reaches new heights in choral performance and showcases a wide variety of repertoire.


Cherokee Trail's introductory treble ensemble that gives every incoming student the chance to learn about choir in high school and perform a wide variety of choral literature. It is a springboard into the world of choir at CT.

Con Brio

The advanced mixed choral ensemble that features 36 outstanding musicians. Con Brio performs at a variety of events in the CT community and beyond and demonstrates the highest quality of traditional choral music. 

Men's Choir

An introductory tenor/bass ensemble that allows all who want to start in choir a place to call home. This ensemble teaches the foundations of choral performance and creates an opportunity for  all to flourish.