Choir Auditions

Choir auditions for the 2020-2021 school year are going to look a little different due to the fact that we cannot be together. We have decided as a choir department to try digital auditions. What will that look like? Check out the info below! If you have any questions, please email either Mr. Jaramillo or Ms. Lewkow. We miss you dearly and hope you are doing well during this time of uncertainty. 

How they will work

Step 1: Recorded Submission

S tudents need to record themselves singing the following skills:

  • Major Scale (ascending and descending)   

  • Harmonic Minor Scale (ascending and descending)

  • Prepared piece

    • This can be My Country Tis of Thee, an All State Choir solo, or a small segment of a piece we performed this year. It may NOT be pop, broadway, or jazz. Please make your prepared piece no longer than 1 minute​.  

These recordings (preferably video, though audio recording only will be acceptable if that is all you have access to) need to be uploaded to your school Google Drive and shared with Mr. Jaramillo ( AND Ms. Lewkow

( These MUST be submitted by FRIDAY, APRIL 17 @ 3:00 PM.

Step 2: Sight Reading Factory Submission

Students must log in to Sight Reading Factory to submit melodic and rhythmic reading. There will be three separate assignments posted:

Melodic Reading #1- D Major

Melodic Reading #2- F Major

Rhythmic Reading

You must complete a 4-measure sight reading of each of the above. You can select level 3, 4, or 5 and you will be graded accordingly. You have unlimited attempts to get this correct and the key will remain the same for each reading you attempt. We have posted the tonicized keys here for you to listen to if that will help you record. These are also due by

FRIDAY, APRIL 17 @ 3:00 PM.

Step 3: Google Form

Please complete the form below (using you CCSD email address) and submit it no later than

FRIDAY, APRIL 17 @ 3:00 PM.

Step 4: Appointment Sign Up for Aural Recall

The final piece of the audition will be aural recall. We will have appointments to sign up for here 

Please find me or Mr. Jaramillo on zoom and sit in the "waiting room" until we are ready. We will play two examples, six notes each. Your job will be to sing those back to us on some sort of nonsense syllable such as "la". Once you have completed that, you are done!


Audition results will be posted the following week